Egg in the Hole

1 piece of toast
1 egg
salt and pepper
Cut a hole in the bread with a cookie cutter (any fun shapes you want) or use a cup rim. Butter each side of remaining edges of bread. Place on a hot griddle or frying pan. Immediately crack egg into the hole. Salt and pepper to taste. Flip when egg whites start to turn opaque. Cook to how you like your egg.
I like to butter the cut of the bread and toast it on the frying pan and spread with jam. That way I’m not “wasting” anything.

2 thoughts on “Egg in the Hole

  1. Another way to do this is called \”Egg in a basket.\” I use a standard mason jar ring to cut my hole, then I dip the bread in French Toast batter. (Egg & Milk) It makes for a more moist bread. Also adds protein. I also dip the \”hole\” and throw it on the pan too, and we eat it all with syrup just like french toast.


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