This is a great fish to eat. I normally don’t eat fish. It’s just too “fishy.” But tilapia; wow, it’s another story. It doesn’t taste like fish, but it doesn’t taste like chicken. It’s just good.

1 tilapia from costco (they come individually wrapped, I love it)
2 parts Stove Top Stuffing, crushed
1 part grated Parmesan cheese
olive oil

Use a rolling pin to crush the bag of stuffing. You want the pieces to be fine. What you want to do next is bread the fish. Pour some olive oil in a small pan. Pour 2 parts crushed stuffing and 1 part Parmesan cheese in a small pan.* First coat fish with olive oil by brushing it on. Then place fish in breading pan. Coat both sides of the fish with stuffing mix. Place in a casserole dish with space on either side of the fish. They wil expand slightly while baking. Bake fish at 350 for 40 minutes. Serve with rice and a veggie.

*What it means 2 part to 1 part: You want twice as much of one as you do the other. In this case If you have 2 cups of crushed stuffing you want to add 1 cup parmesan cheese.

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